Going Flat Out with Horizontal Railing Systems

Horizontal Railing systems have hit our market in a big way.  As the states largest turnkey Stair and Railing supply and installation company, Titan Stairs has seen a dramatic increase in the number of horizontal balustrades state wide.  Whether interior, exterior, residential or commercial we are installing several horizontal railing systems a week. 

Horizontal designs themselves are not new but the volume is definitely unusual.  In addition to the aesthetic appeal of clean lines and variation from the typical vertical balustrade, horizontals are often less expensive, structurally sound and when made with all steel, extremely durable. The addition of wood handrails, warms the balustrade to the touch and adds a little natural color and beauty to the system. 

Although we cannot predict the future, this is a trend that we very much hope will endure, if simply to offer an alternative to the mountain rustic designs that have been so prevalent in Park City, Sundance and other mountain communities for the last decade. Regardless, for the time being it has definably made a strong entry and is rapidly overtaking the traditional type balustrade systems in many luxury custom homes. The lower price point is a nice bonus as well.

Ali Wright